Unity Asset: PlayMaker actions for Fabric Answers – Free Version

iconThis is a collection of Playmaker actions for Fabric Answers.

Answers is a mobile app analytics service which is a part of Fabric developer platform by Twitter. It provides real-time information of various app usage metrics.

This free version includes following Answers events:

  • Add To Cart
  • Level End
  • Level Start
  • Login
  • Purchase
  • Sign Up
  • Start Checkout

Click here to download the asset for free.

How to use

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 2.11.16 PMImport PlayMaker:

  • Open a new project
  • Import ‘PlayMaker’ from Unity > Window Menu > Asset Store > Import
  • Install ‘PlayMaker’ from Unity > PlayMaker Menu > Welcome Screen > Install PlayMaker > Import

Setup Fabric:

  • Create a free account at https://www.fabric.io
  • After sign in, download fabric unity package from: https://fabric.io/downloads/unity
  • Double click the downloaded ‘Fabric.unitypackage’ and import it into your Unity project
  • Install Fabric from Unity > Fabric Menu > Prepare Fabric > Sign in with your credentials
  • Click “Crashlytics” button > Install > Import > Apply

Import PlayMaker actions for Fabric Answers:

  • Install ‘PlayMaker actions for Fabric Answers’ from Unity > Window Menu > Asset Store > Import
  • To view Fabric actions go to Unity > PlayMaker Menu > Editor Windows > Action Browsers > Fabric

View activities in real time:

  • Build & Run the project on an iPhone or an Android real device, simulator won’t work.
  • Tap few buttons on your device.
  • Now sign in at Fabric https://www.fabric.io
  • On you dashboard, click the “Fabric Answers” from you apps list
  • By default it will open “Crashlytics”
  • Click “Answers” button from left side kits list
  • If you don’t find it there, install ‘Answer’ kit from here: https://fabric.io/kits
  • From left side “Answers” kit, you will be able to view user interaction with the project in real time.

Demo Scene:

  • Double click & open ‘Fabric Answers Demo’ scene from your ‘Assets’
  • Open PlayMaker editor from Unity > PlayMaker Menu > PlayMaker Editor
  • Select ‘GameManager’ GameObject from Hierarchy window, you will find states in PlayMaker Editor that has various fabric answers actions.
  • For example, click “Purchase” state, you will find “Fabric Answers Purchase” actions which sends item info & price when user tap Purchase button.

How to add a new action:

  • Create a new state on GameManager : FSM
  • Open action browser > Fabric > Double click an action that you want to add for that state.